Remodeling is a "Buyer's Market" today, so Homeowners shouldn't Take any Crap from Contractors!

Q.  Why would a homeowner today tolerate disrespect from prospective contractors?


A.   They shouldn't. Period.


One of the most common situations we hear homeowners regularly complaining of, is lack of responsiveness from remodeling contractors. In this day and age of information and connectivity, that is absurd!  Why would ANY homeowner put up with that kind of disrespect!

In addition, we are acutely aware that this is a "buyer's" market in the remodeling industry today. Gone are the days when a homeowner would eagerly hire any contractor who simply returned their phone call, regardless of price or other considerations.  Instead, today, we EXPECT homeowners to get several estimates and take their time making their contractor selection decisions. And we all have to COMPETE for homeowners' business! As it should be.

So, why, in this environment, do homeowners take so much crap from irresponsible remodelers? If a contractor is unresponsive at ANY point in the sales process, dump them! Move on to those who treat you with the respect which you deserve. Favor those contractors who return your phone calls and emails promptly. Consider only contractors who meet their promises and deliver pricing estimates, or whatever, on time.  Disregard any contractor who doesn't know what they are talking about.

You have the right to rely on your contractor for expertise, management and responsiveness and respect. Do not settle for less.  If they let you down or disappoint you before you even hire them, realize that is a real clear preview of how they will execute on your project.  Homeowners are firmly in the driver's seat in the remodeling industry, so demand due respect from all contractors you interview!


The simple, but not immediately obvious, reason that Cook Bros. is privileged to be able to enjoy our "#1 in Arlington" distinction, is a RESULT of hundreds of well-informed homeowners choosing Cook Bros. instead of competitors.  Doesn't it follow that there must be some REAL reasons they chose Cook Bros?  And  have been doing so for over 25 years?

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