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Top notch, professional, construction management capabilities, delivered with our down-to-earth, family-oriented style is what keeps Cook Bros. customers coming back. Our goal is to make every customer feel as if they are our only customer!

Our History


Cook Bros. has evolved from a small handyman business started in the early 1980's by Rob Cook to help pay the bills during his college education. Much of Rob's early remodeling experience came from working alongside his father renovating investment properties while a high school student (Yorktown HS Class of 1977) and later as a college student. In 1983 Rob graduated from Rice University in Houston, Texas and after graduation, he served as a construction manager for a major regional home builder in Houston - personally responsible for the management of the construction of hundreds of houses from the ground up. In 1986, Rob returned to his Northern Virginia roots, then with a growing family of his own.  Rob, with his wife, Ande, and first son, AJ made their home in Arlington.  Cook Bros. was formally established as a Virginia Corporation and began growing rapidly from a small painting and handyman company at inception in 1985 to the well-known Arlington Design/Build firm in operation today.

Instrumental in this growth has been Steven Tinter (Steve). After earning his degree at George Washington University, Steve worked as a carpenter before joining Cook Bros. His talent and potential were immediately evident, and Steve worked his way to the top of the company in less than 10 years. Now, with nearly 20 years of service in Cook Bros., Steve is President and General Manager, working closely with Rob to together lead Cook Bros. to an ever-higher level of accomplishment.  AJ Cook and Steve share the management and sales responsibilities – establishing another generation of “Cook” in Cook Bros. This represents both our long-term outlook and commitment to this industry and to the Arlington and surrounding Northern Virginia community. Now in our 25th year, Cook Bros. is just getting started!

The Firm began its construction orientation with smaller remodeling jobs in Arlington such as porch enclosures, entries, and room remodels, growing quickly into full bath and kitchen remodels. But like all companies who have been around and successful for 25 years, it all had to start somewhere, with one igniting moment in time, and here is our story:

In 1992, a family in Ashton Heights decided they wanted Cook Bros. to build them a large scale addition on the back of their brick colonial. Now, at the time, our only track record of building an addition in Arlington was one we built on Rob's own house a year before. We frankly told them we had never done anything quite that large before, and actually tried to talk them out of using us to build it!  Undeterred, they asked us if they could come see Rob's addition, since Cook Bros. didn't have any others to show off to them. They visited Rob's home and apparently they were satisfied. Fortunately, they insisted we build their dream addition for them, so we did!   A substantial two-story rear addition with family room and kitchen on the main level and with a master bedroom, laundry and bath upstairs. We designed it and built it and it turned out beautifully, without a single glitch throughout the process. Their then-small children are probably married by now, but these trusting, loyal benefactors of Cook Bros. are still enjoying their home, and Cook Bros. is enjoying 20 years of success built on these people's trust, who gave us our big chance to "step up."

We have been back to do other work on these kind folk's home many times since then, and over the years have built nearly a dozen additions for their neighbors on that very same block. Cook Bros. Design/Build as you know us today, was born.  And thus, these first customers were instrumental in Cook Bros.' next 20 years of growth and success. So today, thanks to them and thousands of Cook Bros. customers, nobody has to be as adventurous and trusting as they were!  Thank you Marilyn and David, for taking a chance on Cook Bros., we will never forget it or take it for granted.

In the following years Cook Bros. always had an addition in process and by 1996, would have two addition jobs running at any given time and several in design. These large comprehensive additions quickly developed into a particular expertise of the company. By 1999, with Steve Tinter then managing the field operations, Cook Bros. was building 2 to 3 major additions at any given time, along with several smaller scope projects such as basements, kitchens or baths. Tammy Cook joined the team in 2003 to assist with and coordinate the customer selection process. Since 2004, Steve and Rob have been implementing professional construction management business structure and systems to efficiently and in a consistent and timely manner simultaneously manage numerous major addition projects both in design and construction. Currently Cook Bros. consistently runs 5 to 10 or more projects under construction at any given time and has the organization and systems to efficiently handle this work flow and more. Our driving goal is to grow only if we can satisfy all of the customers as well as when there was only one at a time. This ability as we all know is a function of organization, communications and at the core... our people, both in our company, and our customer/friends.

We feel strongly that in the last 25 years we have never failed to live up to the trust our friends, Marilyn and David, put in us way back then. We hope we get a chance to serve you and make more, wonderful memories for everyone involved.

Cook Bros....simply Arlington

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