2012 Cupid's Undies Run a HUGE success!


Saturday, February 11, 2012 found hundreds running naked (almost) in the streets of Washington, D.C.!  No, it was NOT a riot, is was a fundraiser for children!  And raise funds it did. The D.C portion of the 6 City event alone raised over $136,000 which far exceeded their goal of $100,000 all for the Children's Tumor Foundation.

The Cook Bros. Cares "team" (aka Greg's Good-Time Gang (GGTG)) with Greg Ruth, AJ Cook and Sam Cook among members, had the following distinctions of note.

1) Cook Bros./GGTG Team Raised over $9,100 themselves!

2) Cook Bros./GGTG Team was 3rd In D.C. for amount of funds raised

3) Cook Bros./GGTG Team was 5th Nationally for amount of funds raised

4) AJ Cook and Greg Ruth of Cook Bros. won first prize for Best Costume!  Not bad out of hundreds of.....uh...."Creative" participants!

5) Cook Bros.' Greg Ruth personally won the "Spirit Award" for his fundraising efforts, ranking him 5th in D.C area!

Congrats and Many Thanks to ALL the Cook Bros. Cares Team for their tremendous
efforts and contributions to this serious cause!

Photo: Dana Rene Bowler/WJLA - Channel 7 - abc

Yes, this photo contains Three of Cook Bros.' Finest!

From Left to right, Greg Ruth, Sam Cook and AJ Cook.

Makes a father PROUD! HA!

Background Story


The Cupid's Undies Run, founded in Washington DC and now a successful campaign in 6 cities across the country, is organized by the Children's Tumor Foundation, the leading advocacy organization for research into Neurofibromatosis (NF).  Affecting over 2 million children worldwide, NF causes tumors to grow along the spinal column and major nerve endings which manifest during adolescence and worsen with physical maturity.  The symptoms of NF range from constant decentralized irritation and pain sensations to physical disability including blindness and deafness.  There are no effective treatments for NF, and no cure has been found.  This disease causes suffering for families from dozens of countries, and every walk of life.

When Greg and A.J. learned about NF from a friend, participating as fundraisers for the Children's Tumor Foundation through Cupid's Undies Run seemed like the least they could do to contribute.  Now in the event's third year, the Cook Bros. team is one of the top 5 fundraisers in the Capitol area, and we are thrilled to support such a great cause.  It's a crazy day of spending time with friends, and raising awareness by participating in "The Run" itself: a 1.5 mile fun run around Capitol Hill in our underwear.  All 500 of us!

If you would like to support the Cook Bros. team in our effort to raise awareness of  Neurofibromatosis and join us in our effort to help the search for a cure, feel free to visit our fundraising headquarters here and learn more.

Thanks to ALL who participated and donated their time and money!


Various Links on 2012's Event below. Including videos, photos and news coverage.

Cook Bros. Cares


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8K0U33LqE&feature=share (1:59)







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